The Importance of Routine HVAC Maintenance

Like any machine with moving parts, your HVAC system needs regular maintenance to continue running smoothly. You probably get the oil changed and the tires rotated on your car every 3000-5000 miles. With the oil change your mechanic has a checklist of parts that need inspected and cleaned and fluids that need to be refilled.…Read More »

Avoid AC Repair Horror Stories in Raleigh

There is an endless supply of repair horror stories on the internet. Just do a search, and you will find all sorts of scary tales from homeowners who have made discoveries about poor repairs, installations and additions to HVAC systems attempted by disreputable contractors. There are testimonials, blog rants, YouTube videos, and even investigative journalism…Read More »

Your Raleigh Air Conditioner Needs Care This Summer

The hot days of summer are here. Is your AC unit keeping you comfortable this season? If your Raleigh air conditioner is not keeping you as cool as you need, it may be time to schedule a check up with Carter Heating and Air. Don’t wait until the hottest day of the summer when your…Read More »

Raleigh Air Conditioning Repair or Replace: What are Your Options?

Raleigh, NC Air Conditioning Repair or Replace: What are Your Options? Summer’s here, and that means hot days with your Raleigh air conditioning system operating more to keep your home cool and comfortable. How confident are you that your system is up to this task? Is your AC system performing as it has in the…Read More »

Keeping Your Cool: Raleigh, NC Air Conditioning Repair or Replacement

Keeping Your Cool: Raleigh, NC Air Conditioning Repair or Replacement With summer just around the corner, your best defense against the sweltering heat in Raleigh, NC is your air conditioner. Make sure that your air conditioning system is ready to handle the demand that you will place on it in the coming summer months. The…Read More »

An Energy Star Raleigh AC System Delivers High Performance

Protect your home from the dog days of summer heat with a high performing, energy efficient Raleigh air conditioner. When you purchase an Energy Star label AC unit, you can be assured that the performance level, quality of engineering, and energy savings will all be packaged into a long-lasting system. Consistently cool the rooms of…Read More »

Cleaner Cooling With Raleigh Air Conditioners

Developed in 1902 by Willis Haviland Carrier, the air conditioning system has become a staple in the majority of U.S. households today. Your Raleigh air conditioner is a result of years of engineering modifications and parts and materials enhancements. Quiet and powerful, AC systems use robust and complex technology to effectively cool homes and businesses.…Read More »

Raleigh Air Conditioning for Allergy Relief

With 70 degrees in the outdoor air, you would love to open your windows and bring fresh air into your home. However, if you are an allergy sufferer, now may not be the best time to do that. Gas emissions from neighborhood cars and trucks will be at their peak between the hours of 6:30-9:00…Read More »

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