An Energy Star Raleigh AC System Delivers High Performance

Protect your home from the dog days of summer heat with a high performing, energy efficient Raleigh air conditioner. When you purchase an Energy Star label AC unit, you can be assured that the performance level, quality of engineering, and energy savings will all be packaged into a long-lasting system. Consistently cool the rooms of your home with optimal air quality while promoting a healthier environment with a Raleigh Energy Star cooling system. Carter Heating and Air provides a wide range of Energy Star label HVAC systems that have an outstanding reputation for high performance, maximum efficiency and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Does an Energy Star label for air conditioners lead to better performance?

When you are shopping for a new heating or cooling system in Raleigh, keep in mind that the systems with the Energy Labels on them have been reviewed to meet the highest level of energy efficiency and performance, according to

  • Product categories must contribute significant energy savings nationwide.
  • Qualified products must deliver the features and performance demanded by consumers, in addition to increased energy efficiency.
  • If the qualified product costs more than a conventional, less-efficient counterpart, purchasers will recover their investment in increased energy efficiency through utility bill savings, within a reasonable period of time.
  • Energy efficiency can be achieved through broadly available, non-proprietary technologies offered by more than one manufacturer.
  • Product energy consumption and performance can be measured and verified with testing.
  • Labeling would effectively differentiate products and be visible for purchasers”

A new Energy Star air conditioner will need to deliver certain features and excellent performance to meet the higher efficiency standards set by the U.S. Department of Energy. These systems are a smart investment as they consistently offer cost savings for energy bills, as well as more effectively cool your home and protect the environment.  

How does the Energy Star label program mean quality products?

Heating and cooling systems are vigorously tested to make sure they meet the requirements of surpassed energy efficiency and other criteria established to earn the Energy Star label.  According to Energy Star, the program was founded for two main reasons:

“The ENERGY STAR label was established to:

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants caused by the inefficient use of energy; and make it easy for consumers to identify and purchase energy-efficient products that offer savings on energy bills without sacrificing performance, features, and comfort.”

The Energy Star label helps differentiate products and makes them visible to purchasers like you looking for more energy efficient systems.  Meeting the energy efficiency requirements outlined in Energy Star product specifications earns Raleigh air conditioners the esteemed Energy Star label. It doesn’t need to be the highest priced system to guarantee performance. In fact, there are many Energy Star air conditioning systems at the lower price range that will deliver excellent cooling and a significant reduction on your utility bills.

Will purchasing an Energy Star AC unit help me save money on maintenance fees?

Annual scheduled maintenance is recommended on all HVAC systems, with or without the Energy Star label. However, costly repairs will most likely be reduced with Energy Star label systems, since their higher performance and efficiency standards often result in fewer repairs.

If your older AC unit is not functioning properly and you are researching a replacement system, we can help you find the most efficient, high performing system for your budget. Energy Star is the trusted, government-backed symbol for energy efficiency. Find out more about the available Energy Star AC systems in Raleigh that we install by contacting Carter Heating and Air in Raleigh at 919-772-4456.

 (Source: How a Product Earns the ENERGY STAR label,, 2015)

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