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For Air Conditioner Repair or Service in the Raleigh area, please call 919-772-4456 24 Hours A Day or fill out the form below:

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    Air Conditioning Problems.
    “Things you could check before you call or submit the form:

    1. Is your home’s thermostat set in the “cool” position? Also, make sure the thermostat setting is set to at least 3 degrees below the temperature in your home to ensure there is a call for cooling to the system.
    2. Check your home’s filter; make sure it’s not clogged or obstructed by something, which can cause your system to not operate properly.
    3. Do you feel air coming from the vents in your home?
    4. Take a look at the indoor furnace or air handler.  Do you see any ice or excessive water at the unit? A frozen coil can mean your system is extremely dirty and/or it may have a refrigerant leak. If the indoor coil is frozen, we recommend you shut off the system to allow the coil to thaw out. We then would recommend you call a qualified service technician.
    5. Check the circuit breaker for your furnace or air handler, it could be “tripped” causing the blower not to work.
    6. Is your outdoor air conditioner or heat pump running? You should be able to see and hear the fan running.
    7. Make sure the disconnect switch for outdoor unit is in the “on” position.
    8. If the outdoor fan is running, be sure the unit is not being obstructed by shrubs or tree limbs. The condenser fan is trying to remove heat from inside the home, and it needs air to breathe. Also, feel the temperature of the air coming from the unit. If the air is cool and not warm, we recommend turning the system off and calling a qualified service technician. The outdoor compressor is not operating properly.
    9. Is there any ice visible on the copper lines entering the outdoor unit? If so, we recommend turning the system off and calling a qualified service technician.
    10. If you believe your home’s air conditioning system needs service please fill out the form to schedule A/C Repair today.

    For more information on air conditioning problems: please visit the Department of Energy website.”

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