The Importance of Routine HVAC Maintenance

Like any machine with moving parts, your HVAC system needs regular maintenance to continue running smoothly. You probably get the oil changed and the tires rotated on your car every 3000-5000 miles. With the oil change your mechanic has a checklist of parts that need inspected and cleaned and fluids that need to be refilled. He may even recommend some things that need to be repaired before they lead to a breakdown and you get stuck on the side of the road. Well your HVAC system should go through the same type of routine maintenance. Most HVAC companies suggest twice a year tune-ups, in the fall before you turn your heat on and in the spring before you turn your AC on. During these tune-ups, your HVAC technician will complete a checklist of parts that need inspected and cleaned and fluids that need to be refilled, like refrigerant. And like your mechanic, your technician will recommend any repairs that may need to be done to prevent a breakdown of your Raleigh HVAC system, leaving your home uncomfortably hot or cold. But preventing breakdowns is just one reason that maintenance is important.

HVAC Tuneups Improve Efficiency

Routine maintenance for you HVAC system will keep it running as efficiently as possible. This means that the parts are moving easily and the system only uses the minimum amount of energy, whether it’s electricity, gas, or propane. The best part about keeping your system efficient? It saves you money. Your energy bills will be lower when your HVAC system is running at peak performance.

Life of the Heating and Air System

Another way routine maintenance saves you money: it extends the overall lifespan of your HVAC system. Again, like a car, your HVAC system will last longer if you take good care of it. Keeping moving parts well lubricated puts less strain on the system. Cleanliness of the system keeps it working better and longer.

Less Emergency Repairs for your Home HVAC

If you’ve had your heat or AC breakdown, you know how frustrating it can be. Routine maintenance reduces your chances of breakdowns because the system is inspected and any problems are repaired before you even need to turn it on. But in the unfortunate even that your system does breakdown, most maintenance plans offered by HVAC services include discounts on emergency repairs on heat and ac repair in Raleigh.

Heat and Air Maintenance in Raleigh, NC

If you’re looking for the best maintenance plan in Raleigh, NC check out Carter Heating and Air. Carter plans include great advantages like discounts on repairs, priority service, and free diagnostics. Maintenance plans include two yearly service visits in the spring and fall. For more information visit our maintenance plans page and sign up for a maintenance plan today.

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Avoid AC Repair Horror Stories in Raleigh

There is an endless supply of repair horror stories on the internet. Just do a search, and you will find all sorts of scary tales from homeowners who have made discoveries about poor repairs, installations and additions to HVAC systems attempted by disreputable contractors. There are testimonials, blog rants, YouTube videos, and even investigative journalism pieces, on the horrific results that can arise from a bad AC repair. In Raleigh, there is the advantage of having a reliable and honest AC repair service in Carter Heating and Air, Inc.

Don’t Open Yourself Up to Shoddy AC Repair

Consumer advocates say they know when summer nears, air-conditioning complaints climb with the temperatures. When your air conditioner quits working in the middle of a heat wave, the only thing on your mind is to get it functioning again so you can be comfortable. So you call the first AC repair service you find on the internet or yellow pages, and HVAC technician comes to repair it. The technician uses words and phrases that sound foreign to you yet they fail to explain clearly it terms you can understand. You may feel helpless having to take the serviceman’s word that something requires repairing or replacing, leaving you open to being scammed out of your money. So how do you evade being scammed by an HVAC contractor? There are a few regularly used scams in the HVAC industry that are easy to catch if you look for the right phrases. Here are three of signs to look out for:

All You Need is Refrigerant

If your AC unit is low on refrigerant, then this indicates more than just a “refill”. There may be a potential leak that let the refrigerant get below the proper level. An air conditioner doesn’t consume refrigerant like a car uses gas. The refrigerant just circulates in the system. If the repairman states that all you need is refrigerant, this should raise a red flag to ask more questions. More often than not, this statement translates to “I will continue letting your air conditioner leak refrigerant so I can continue charging you for more.” If your system needs more refrigerant, ask the contractor if they will look for leaks.

Is a Free AC Tune Up a Good Thing?

According to the Better Business Bureau, some HVAC companies will trick you by offering a “free” tune-up so that they can make a high-pressure sales pitch. Minor technical issues that suddenly call for the replacement of the whole unit should set off warning bells. Some contractors will suddenly discover something wrong during the “free” tune-up and try to persuade you into expensive repairs or even replacing your entire heating and air conditioning system. Free tune-ups are fine. But if a deal appears too good to be true, it probably is.

Finding Other Parts That May ( or May Not) Need to be Replaced

Having the AC service technician state that he needs to replace one part of your system is fine. However, many times, a contractor may say he is going only to replace one component, but then inexplicably needs to replace other parts as he continues working on your unit. If you are unsure of what is going on, ask to see what parts they are referring to and why they need to be replaced. Beware if they say that the parts have already been replaced as they hand you their invoice. If this happens, ask to see the broken part that was replaced. Keep asking questions until you are satisfied. It will only benefit you.

Finding the Best AC Contractor in Raleigh

Do your homework, and search for a repair provider before you need one. Checking with the local Better Business Bureau is a great way to verify the reliability of any business. Carter Heating and Air, Inc., is a BBB Accredited Business with an A+ rating and have been since 1998. Carter Heating and Air has an outstanding reputation in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and the surrounding areas. There is a high level of integrity, and a strong work ethic that permeates the whole company. The company has a track record of trustworthiness, and their certified technicians are trained and ready to install, repair or perform a maintenance check-up on your HVAC system. Call us today: (919) 924-0177

Your Raleigh Air Conditioner Needs Care This Summer

The hot days of summer are here. Is your AC unit keeping you comfortable this season? If your Raleigh air conditioner is not keeping you as cool as you need, it may be time to schedule a check up with Carter Heating and Air. Don’t wait until the hottest day of the summer when your cooling system has a breakdown. If you are experiencing warning signs that your AC unit isn’t running as it should, check out these tips to take care of your air conditioning unit to prolong its life, and keep you cool this summer.

Basic Steps to Maintain Your AC Unit

The most basic step to take to lengthen your air conditioner’s life is to change the filter. Check it every three to six months and change as needed. A dirty filter can cause your system to work harder than it has too plus it keeps the coils dust-free as well. Check around the unit and make sure there isn’t any debris or accumulated pollen on the exterior of the condenser that will inhibit ventilation. The fan in the condenser unit draws the outside air through the refrigerant coils and vents it through the top of the unit. If the outdoor unit is restricted by bushes or debris, it will not run properly, causing your unit to overexert itself which means higher energy bills. Prune back bushes and spray the condenser with a hose to get rid of accumulated dirt and debris.

Beware of Warning Signs from your Raleigh Air Conditioner

Your air conditioner could be warning you of impending problems. Excessive noise, the outdoor fan expelling cold air, and ice visible on the copper lines, can all be indicators of a system failure around the corner. If you are seeing these signs shut-off your air conditioner, and schedule a professional check-up immediately. This is the time of year to have these things done so as to avoid a costly repair later on.

A dirty coil or refrigerant leak will cause ice or condensation at the indoor furnace or air handler. Both of these issues require a professional. Dirty coils will overtax the compressor and fan making them work harder to make up for the loss of energy transference. A refrigerant leak can be dangerous to the environment, and must be taken care of properly. Carter Heating and Air will send a certified technician to evaluate the problem and repair the leak, and then properly dispose of any refrigerant that was lost. Maintaining the refrigerant charge in the system is key to its proper operation.

Reduce Chances of a Major Breakdown

A major repair can potentially cost three times more than regular maintenance costs. Regular check-ups will have a professional checking your air conditioner for possible issues that could plague it down the road. Issues such as wire and terminal corrosion happen over time. Problems with the wiring can cause overheating, and result in blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers.

A professional from Carter Heating and Air will examine the electrical system, oil the motors, and check the belts. The precision of the thermostat will also be examined to avoid erratic operation due to temperature sensor issues. All these can help avoid any problems that could shut down your air conditioner this summer. It will also have your system run the best and most efficient it can.

Regain Lost Efficiency in your Cooling System

Every year your AC runs it loses about five percent of its efficiency. You can save money by having a check-up done to help recover this lost effectiveness. A well-maintained unit can retain ninety-five percent of its original capacity, which will help to keep you cool when it is hot outside. A well-maintained air conditioner will also have a longer service life.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – Contact Carter Heating and Air to have one of their professionals make sure your air conditioner is in tip-top condition and can last the entire summer. Scheduling an appointment now by calling (919) 924-0177.

Raleigh Air Conditioning Repair or Replace: What are Your Options?

Raleigh, NC Air Conditioning Repair or Replace: What are Your Options?

Summer’s here, and that means hot days with your Raleigh air conditioning system operating more to keep your home cool and comfortable. How confident are you that your system is up to this task? Is your AC system performing as it has in the past or have you noticed fluctuations in the cooling temperature or noticed that the unit runs more than usual? These are common symptoms that a repair is needed,or you may need a replacement. There is nothing worse than having your HVAC system break down in the middle of the hottest season of the year. The second worse thing may be seeing your utility bills increase each month because your air conditioner isn’t functioning efficiently. Before the summer gets too far underway, take the time to check out your HVAC system to determine if it needs some maintenance, or if it’s time for a replacement. Here are a few things to consider when you’re thinking of repairing or replacing your AC unit.

The Cost of Repairs vs. Replacing your AC unit.

Homeowners should think about a repair rather than a replacement if the unit is correctly sized, has undergone only minor problems, and can be repaired for less than a third of a full replacement. However, if the repairs will cost more than a third of a replacement, you should probably replace the unit. It may seem more convenient or more affordable to repair your system than replacing it, however, repeated repair costs can pile up. Also, repeated repairs is an indication that your air conditioning unit may not be operating at its peak efficiency, which is costing you more money in the long run. Carter Heating and Air is a respected, experienced HVAC company servicing Raleigh and the surrounding areas with top-quality technicians who can examine your unit and advise you on the best solution for you.

Consider the Condition of Your Air Conditioning System

The second factor to consider when thinking about whether to replace your air conditioner is its current condition. Some indications that your system may be failing: if the equipment needs frequent repairs, your energy bills are increasing, your home has humidity problems or has excessive dust, or the heating and cooling system is noisy. Another factor to consider is the SEER rating of your current system. The SEER rating is the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, and it measures air conditioning and heat pump cooling efficiency. The higher the number rating, the more efficient the system is. If your unit’s SEER rating is under 13, it is time to discuss an upgrade to a more efficient system that will save you money on your utility bills and provide healthier, more comfortable cooling.

Age is a Factor 

According to the National Association of Home Builders’ Study of Life Expectancy of Home Components, residential air conditioning systems last an average of 10-15 years. When your unit reaches ten years of age, there are many advantages to at least looking into the idea of replacement if a major repair presents itself. Replacing an old unit will not only improve your home comfort, but a properly installed high-efficiency HVAC system will save up to 20 percent on heating and cooling costs.

Carter Heating and Air have certified and trusted technicians that are ready to install, repair or perform a maintenance checkup on your HVAC system. We can guide you and provide the best options for your AC unit so that you can rest easy and stay cool all summer long. Call us today at 919-772-4456.


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Keeping Your Cool: Raleigh, NC Air Conditioning Repair or Replacement

AC system Raleigh

Keeping Your Cool: Raleigh, NC Air Conditioning Repair or Replacement

With summer just around the corner, your best defense against the sweltering heat in Raleigh, NC is your air conditioner. Make sure that your air conditioning system is ready to handle the demand that you will place on it in the coming summer months. The hot weather will certainly put your cooling equipment to the test and to avoid air conditioner breakdowns and failures, you must keep it properly maintained and up-to-date. Knowing whether you need a Raleigh, NC air conditioning repair or replacement might just save your entire summer.

An Air Conditioner’s Age Factor

Your air conditioning unit won’t age well like a bottle of wine. Most air conditioners are not designed to last more than roughly ten years. Older models can be very high-maintenance and are responsible for a huge portion of a home’s energy consumption. Carter Heating and Air recommends replacing your older models with newer, energy-efficient ones that are up-to-date with today’s standards and energy-saving guidelines. Replacing an aging and deteriorating AC system can have a number of benefits including increased energy efficiency (resulting in lower electric bills) and improved indoor air quality. Not to mention cutting down on repeated repairs when the temperatures begin to rise, and your unit can’t keep up.

Does Your AC System have Reoccurring Problems?

Temperature fluctuations in your home is another sign that it may be time for a Raleigh AC replacement. If some rooms in your house are cool, yet others don’t seem to stay cool, or are not getting enough air, this could be a sign of equipment that needs to be replaced. In other words, your cooling or heating equipment may have become less efficient. Problems with the duct work or insulation can also be the cause as well. Scheduling a check up to get to the bottom of the problem is the best solution. If this is a reoccurring problem, it may be that a replacement is needed.

A Well Maintained HVAC System

Having regular maintenance on your Raleigh air conditioning unit from Carter Heating and Air is the best defense against catastrophic failures of your unit just when you need it the most. Minor system repairs can be performed before they become costly malfunctions, and all the components of your system can be tightened, cleaned, lubricated and checked to make sure everything is working as it should. With this type of regular maintenance from Carter Heating and Air technicians, you will be well informed of how well your air conditioning unit is working, and when it may be time to replace it with a newer, more energy efficient model. Before the heat of the summer is here, schedule a check-up to determine if your air conditioner is ready to keep you cool all season.

Whether you decide to repair or replace, leave it to the pros from a one-stop shop company; Carter Heating and Air can handle air conditioning and furnace repair in Raleigh, NC. Call today (919) 924-0177.

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An Energy Star Raleigh AC System Delivers High Performance

Protect your home from the dog days of summer heat with a high performing, energy efficient Raleigh air conditioner. When you purchase an Energy Star label AC unit, you can be assured that the performance level, quality of engineering, and energy savings will all be packaged into a long-lasting system. Consistently cool the rooms of your home with optimal air quality while promoting a healthier environment with a Raleigh Energy Star cooling system. Carter Heating and Air provides a wide range of Energy Star label HVAC systems that have an outstanding reputation for high performance, maximum efficiency and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Does an Energy Star label for air conditioners lead to better performance?

When you are shopping for a new heating or cooling system in Raleigh, keep in mind that the systems with the Energy Labels on them have been reviewed to meet the highest level of energy efficiency and performance, according to

  • Product categories must contribute significant energy savings nationwide.
  • Qualified products must deliver the features and performance demanded by consumers, in addition to increased energy efficiency.
  • If the qualified product costs more than a conventional, less-efficient counterpart, purchasers will recover their investment in increased energy efficiency through utility bill savings, within a reasonable period of time.
  • Energy efficiency can be achieved through broadly available, non-proprietary technologies offered by more than one manufacturer.
  • Product energy consumption and performance can be measured and verified with testing.
  • Labeling would effectively differentiate products and be visible for purchasers”

A new Energy Star air conditioner will need to deliver certain features and excellent performance to meet the higher efficiency standards set by the U.S. Department of Energy. These systems are a smart investment as they consistently offer cost savings for energy bills, as well as more effectively cool your home and protect the environment.  

How does the Energy Star label program mean quality products?

Heating and cooling systems are vigorously tested to make sure they meet the requirements of surpassed energy efficiency and other criteria established to earn the Energy Star label.  According to Energy Star, the program was founded for two main reasons:

“The ENERGY STAR label was established to:

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants caused by the inefficient use of energy; and make it easy for consumers to identify and purchase energy-efficient products that offer savings on energy bills without sacrificing performance, features, and comfort.”

The Energy Star label helps differentiate products and makes them visible to purchasers like you looking for more energy efficient systems.  Meeting the energy efficiency requirements outlined in Energy Star product specifications earns Raleigh air conditioners the esteemed Energy Star label. It doesn’t need to be the highest priced system to guarantee performance. In fact, there are many Energy Star air conditioning systems at the lower price range that will deliver excellent cooling and a significant reduction on your utility bills.

Will purchasing an Energy Star AC unit help me save money on maintenance fees?

Annual scheduled maintenance is recommended on all HVAC systems, with or without the Energy Star label. However, costly repairs will most likely be reduced with Energy Star label systems, since their higher performance and efficiency standards often result in fewer repairs.

If your older AC unit is not functioning properly and you are researching a replacement system, we can help you find the most efficient, high performing system for your budget. Energy Star is the trusted, government-backed symbol for energy efficiency. Find out more about the available Energy Star AC systems in Raleigh that we install by contacting Carter Heating and Air in Raleigh at 919-772-4456.

 (Source: How a Product Earns the ENERGY STAR label,, 2015)

Cleaner Cooling With Raleigh Air Conditioners

Developed in 1902 by Willis Haviland Carrier, the air conditioning system has become a staple in the majority of U.S. households today. Your Raleigh air conditioner is a result of years of engineering modifications and parts and materials enhancements. Quiet and powerful, AC systems use robust and complex technology to effectively cool homes and businesses. The indoor air quality has improved tremendously over the years, from the U.S. Department of Energy’s efficiency standards as a result of variable speed blower motors and more efficient air filters.

At Carter Heating and Air, we provide services for your Raleigh AC system that will help maintain quality indoor air in your home. Annual maintenance includes the cleaning of your cooling system by a professional technician, as well as a comprehensive inspection. Getting rid of dust and debris build up, and sealing leaks in the duct work will help your indoor air to stay cleaner. At, the prevalance of air conditioning in modern society is summarized:

“These comfort units that homeowners activate with the ease of flipping a switch are  complex electromechanical systems, the end products of nearly a century of engineering development in cooling, thermodynamics, controls, and energy efficiency. In 2000, air conditioning/refrigeration was named among the 10 greatest mechanical engineering achievements of the 20th century, according to a survey of ASME members.”

Let’s take a look at some of the engineering innovations in the AC industry that have paved the way towards great energy savings and higher efficiency.

Engineering Advancements in Air Conditioning Systems

The first air conditioner was designed to remove humidity from the air and cool the air at the same time. This early design included using coils that were filled with very cold water. Thirty-one years later, this original design was advanced by the addition of parts:

“In 1933, the Carrier Air Conditioning Company of America developed an air conditioner using a belt-driven condensing unit and associated blower, mechanical controls, and evaporator coil, and this device became the model in the growing U.S. marketplace for air-cooling systems.”

By using a belt and blower along with an advanced control system, AC systems were able to produce cleaner air with more airflow. Programmable thermostats are one example of how air conditioners have evolved to become sophisticated equipment that provides better user control. When homeowners have better control and more options for settings, they can have a more energy efficient home and pay less for utilities. Materials and parts have also been replaced and upgraded over the years to provide safety and efficiency when operating an AC unit.

Safer and More Efficient Cooling with Advances in Science and Technology

Refrigerants that are used in air conditioning systems today are healthier for the environment than they were years ago. Today’s ducts are stronger and are constructed with advanced surfaces to prevent leaks, resist mold spores and provide maximum airflow. The coils and connections of the cooling system are also being upgraded to provide reliable consistency for longer lasting AC systems. At Carter Heating and Air, we sell and install brands and models of air conditioners that we trust for quality and superior performance. After evaluating your cooling space and existing ductwork, we will provide you with a thorough quote for installation and labor, along with choices for AC systems within your budget. The Department of Energy has minimum requirements for efficiency standards, helping homeowners to get the most savings from their air conditioners.

Efficiency Standards Have Increased for Raleigh AC Systems

Minimum Efficiency Rating Values (MERVs) for air filters have increased which capture smaller allergen particles in the air for a cleaner and healthier environment. Seasonal energy efficiency ratios (SEERs) have also gone up to enable cost savings on energy. These higher standards drive the manufacturing of new air conditioning units which lead to exceptional HVAC units that are affordable and provide greater cost savings throughout the lifetime of the air conditioning system. Contact Carter Heating and Air in Raleigh to learn more about our AC services and new systems: 919-772-4456.

(Source: Global Cooling: The History of Air Conditioning,, June 2011)

Raleigh Air Conditioning for Allergy Relief

With 70 degrees in the outdoor air, you would love to open your windows and bring fresh air into your home. However, if you are an allergy sufferer, now may not be the best time to do that. Gas emissions from neighborhood cars and trucks will be at their peak between the hours of 6:30-9:00 am and 4:30-6:30 pm, so it is recommended to keep your windows closed during those peak pollutant hours.

If you are sensitive to mold and pollen, the early morning hours are not a good time for you to bring the outdoor air into your home. Keep your Raleigh air conditioner on for the best ventilation and airflow in your home, and you will also reduce allergens with a clean air filter. At Carter Heating and Air, we advise Raleigh residents to use their air conditioners to keep the indoor air quality healthier, and to reduce pollutants from entering the home. You may be familiar with the following allergy symptoms that occur from bad air quality, as mentioned on

“If you live in a home with chronically poor air quality, you can experience frequent headaches, long lasting colds, and bronchitis as well as chronic asthma,” says E. Neil Schachter, MD, the medical director of respiratory care at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York. There are potential sources of air pollution in just about every room of your house, but don’t despair. The good news is that there are easy, and affordable, solutions for most of them.”

If you have not received your annual AC system maintenance this year, now would be the perfect time. Carter Heating and Air provides annual inspections and cleanings to ensure that your allergy symptoms will be reduced with top quality indoor air. When you breathe healthier air, your body feels better and allergy symptoms are reduced. How exactly does an air conditioner remove allergens and pollutants from the air in your home?

Water-soluble Pollutants Are Removed by Using a Raleigh Air Conditioner

Dust mites and dirt will collect and grow if your indoor air is stagnant. Run your AC system to improve the quality of your air and get rid of the particles that cause allergy symptoms. Neil Schachter, MD, recommends running your air conditioner during the summer months to control allergy symptoms:

“Use an air conditioner in the summer, Schachter says. “Many pollutants are water-soluble, and as air conditioners remove water from the atmosphere, they remove these pollutants,” he tells WebMD. “Air conditioners also remove pollen and particulate matter.”

“We tend to keep our windows tightly shut in the winter, but flinging open a window is not the answer,” says Schachter. “Outdoor air contains by-products of gas emissions from cars and trucks, industrial pollution, as well as dirt and mold.”

Improve the humidity level in your home and reduce the amount of particles that cause allergy symptoms by using your air conditioner in Raleigh. At Carter Heating and Air, we repair, maintain and install AC systems for your home. Take charge of the health of your indoor air with a new high efficiency HVAC system and enjoy greater cost savings.

Use Your Air Conditioner in Raleigh and Minimize Dust Mites and Humidity

Dust mites are a common allergy in some households, and the use of your air conditioner will greatly minimize the nœumber of dust mites in your home. At, this benefit is noted,

“Air conditioning can keep humidity down and reduce dust mite allergens tenfold.”

Along with washing bed linens frequently in warm water, vacuuming regularly and dusting furniture, there are other steps you can take to further reduce dust mites in your home. Install a HEPA filter to prevent the circulation of dust mites and other particles in your indoor air:

“You can make the air conditioner even more effective with a disposable HEPA filter, says Schachter.”

Allergies in the Spring are common in the Southeast, and we want to help you reduce your allergy symptoms this season. At Carter Heating and Air, we recommend having your annual HVAC maintenance performed now, prior to the start of the long summer season, to prepare for higher humidity levels and greater dust mite control. Contact us to schedule your annual maintenance, AC system repair or air conditioner installation: 919-772-4456.


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Programmable Thermostats: High Energy Efficiency in Raleigh – Durham

Have you read the manual for your programmable thermostat? Have you misplaced your manual? Either way, the good news is that you can easily program the settings for your furnace to achieve the greatest efficiency this winter. At Carter Heating and Air, we will inspect your thermostat during a furnace tune-up in Raleigh, to make sure that the unit is working properly and the settings are maximized for efficiency. If you need a new manual, they are located on the web for your convenience. When you schedule maintenance for your heating system in Durham, your energy efficiency will improve when your furnace’s leaks are sealed and connections are tightened. Your thermostat settings also affect energy efficiency, and there are a few simple tips for setting your programmable thermostat that will make your life easier and bring comfort to your home.

It’s easy to program your thermostat, as it guarantees better energy efficiency in your home.

Check your system setting and make sure it is set to “Heat”. In the spring, switch it to “Cool”.

Make sure the date and time are correctly displayed. If not, select the correct day and time.

Select a daytime range, for when you are home (7AM – 10PM is a good range), and select the temperature that is comfortable and energy efficient (usually between 68-70 degrees).

Next, input a temperature that is a few degrees cooler for the late evening hours during the range of 10PM – 7AM, such as 65 degrees. Use wool blankets and thick window curtains to stay warm and comfortable at night.

Before you leave for a vacation, select the date range and temperature (usually between 50-60 degrees) that will provide energy savings while keeping your pipes warm.

Now that you have the recommended settings, you may be wondering about which type of programmable thermostat you own. At, the digital and electromechanical thermostats are described:

“Most programmable thermostats are either digital, electromechanical, or some mixture of the two. Digital thermostats offer the most features in terms of multiple setback settings, overrides, and adjustments for daylight savings time, but may be difficult for some people to program. Electromechanical systems often involve pegs or sliding bars and are relatively simple to program.”

Even if you are not an experienced IT Manager, you can perform the basic programming steps that will lead to greater efficiency when using a programmable thermostat. If you have questions or need assistance, schedule your annual furnace tune-up in Carrboro and surrounding areas with Carter Heating and Air, and our reliable and certified technicians will guide you through the programming options for your thermostat. If you are in need of a furnace replacement, we install and service a large variety of energy efficient furnaces to meet your daily heating requirements. Annual furnace safety inspections are recommended to ensure a safe and comfortable winter season. Take a huge step towards greater energy efficiency by calling us today at (919) 772-4456.

(Source: Energy Saver Thermostats,, November 6, 2014)

Keep Heating Vents Open in Unused Rooms in Your Home

energy efficient

Looking for ideas on how to be more energy efficient in your home? Getting an annual furnace tune-up in Raleigh and Durham will be one step towards a higher efficiency home. At Carter Heating and Air, our trained technicians provide dependable service, ensuring that your furnace will perform at peak capacity. In addition, closing heating vents actually does not make your home more efficient because even if you have a spare bathroom or bedroom that does not get used often, the vents need to stay open so your furnace can run effectively and distribute airflow evenly. When the vents are closed off, it creates unnecessary pressure in the air ducts, which can lead to potential damage to your HVAC system. Here is the reason why closing vents is ineffective, according to Angie’s List:

 “It creates pressure in the closed-off room, which causes the return duct to pull in cold air from any cracks in windows or doors. In addition, the warm air still trying to push up through closed vents will start to leak out any ducts that aren’t sealed properly, or it will be forced back down into your basement or into floor cavities. So, you’ll still be paying energy costs for heat, just in places you can’t use.”

For targeted heat where you need it most, try using vent deflectors. They will fit onto your vents, creating a desired airflow direction to keep your room comfortable. At Carter Heating and Air, we recommend staying up to date with your scheduled maintenance on your heating system in Durham to increase efficiency in your home. You will receive a complete furnace tune-up for Carrboro and surrounding areas, for top HVAC performance all winter. You may be wondering if partially closing your heat vents will help with energy efficiency in your home. There is a solution that will help with the monthly bills:

To make the most of the warm air in your home, consider partially closing upstairs vents and fully opening those downstairs. Because heat rises, the top floor often steals most of the heat. Partially closing vents can help keep other areas warmer without damaging or stressing your HVAC system.”

Another way to help with efficiency is to replace an old furnace with a new, higher efficiency model. With efficiency ratings (AFUE’s) of 95{72184548b2732d1e53f026153d0af7b89d3b74c9430607d21641291217d8190b} and greater, you will benefit from lower monthly bills and healthier indoor air when you have a new furnace installed. At Carter Heating and Air, we provide affordable financing options and excellent service for new furnace installations in Raleigh and surrounding areas. Our satisfied customers receive trustworthy and prompt service every time, since we are committed to providing the best service in the Triangle area. Your family’s health and safety are important and we provide comprehensive furnace inspections to keep you fully prepared for the winter season. For residential HVAC services, contact us today at 919-772-4456.

(Source: Angie’s List: Does Shutting Furnace Vents Improve Energy Efficiency?, Sept. 30, 2014)


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