Noises from your Raleigh HVAC System?

Are you listening to a strange rattling or hissing sound in your walls? Do you want to discover where it is coming from and how to stop it? At Carter Heating and Air, we know that rattling, hissing or clanking noises often indicates that there is a problem that needs to be fixed in your Raleigh HVAC system before it leads to a greater, more costly repair. Our experience can help locate the annoying noises and repair your system if needed. By keeping up with regular maintenance from a reputable Raleigh HVAC company, you can avoid costly repairs and keep your system running at peak capacity. Let’s take a look at the rattling, hissing and clanking noises and guide you to a solution.

A rattling noise can be located in your external unit or the indoor unit area. If the sound is coming from the outside unit, first check for debris that may be stuck in your system. Clearing any obstacles around the unit might eliminate the problem. However, if the sound is coming from an internal component area of your Raleigh HVAC system, turn it off before the problem becomes larger. Call the experts at Carter Heating and Air to perform a comprehensive repair and eliminate the problem. The issue may be located deep in your system, and there could be a loose part or a connection that needs to be repaired. Our technicians are trained and certified so they can identify the problem and repair your HVAC system efficiently.

A hissing noise may indicate that air is escaping from a small area. Sometimes it can be in your walls, and other times it may be at the air filter location. When the hissing sound comes from your walls, this may indicate a serious problem. A leak or multiple leaks in the ductwork located in your walls may be the cause for this hissing noise. A professional specialist from a Raleigh HVAC Company needs to be contacted for this repair. With the proper tools and expertise, the leak or leaks can be located and repaired. Carter Heating and Air has fully equipped service vehicles with all of the necessary tools and parts to get the job done efficiently and affordably. If the air filter is where you hear the hissing sound, simply remove the air filter and replace it or adjust the size so that it fits better in that location. The hissing sound should go away once the air filter is in place correctly.

Clanking sounds are indicators that there are loose parts or possibly loose blades and pipes. This situation needs immediate attention before the loose parts cause extensive damage or a system failure. An immediate evaluation of the clanking noises is in order and Carter Heating and Air can do the repair work promptly to ensure that no further damage is done to your Raleigh HVAC system. Carter Heating and Air can help get your system back to normal so you can heat and cool your home efficiently. We also provide HVAC installations and maintenance service for the Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill areas. Call us today for your service appointment: 919-772-4456.


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