Energy Efficient Furnaces in Raleigh with High AFUE Ratings


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Are you looking for an energy efficient furnace in Raleigh? Today’s furnaces are rated with an AFUE (annual fuel-utilization-efficiency) rating. This rating shows the percentage of fuel the furnace uses to warm the air in your home. At Carter Heating & Air, we install heating systems and provide furnace tune-ups in Raleigh and surrounding areas. Look for a high AFUE rating to maintain lower energy bills in your office or home. When you are comparing furnaces with different AFUE’s, Consumer Reports offers these tips for determining the best value:

 Just how quickly the investment is recovered, though, depends on more than the difference in AFUE between the two units; the electrical bills to run two furnaces with different AFUEs can differ significantly. Payback times will also be affected by the climate where you live, how well your home retains heat, and the rates you pay for gas and electricity.”

AFUE ratings between 78-97{72184548b2732d1e53f026153d0af7b89d3b74c9430607d21641291217d8190b} are the most common ratings for furnaces on the market today. Although the higher AFUE furnaces are more expensive, you will see greater cost savings through your lower energy bills over time.

The Southeast has recently experienced very low temperatures in the winter seasons, making it comparable to Northeast temperatures, so it makes sense to look at furnaces with AFUE’s over 90{72184548b2732d1e53f026153d0af7b89d3b74c9430607d21641291217d8190b} in the Durham and Raleigh areas. Our service team provides convenient installations, comprehensive furnace check up’s and HVAC maintenance and repair services. New furnaces help lower energy bills and become more energy efficient in your home and business.

There are some other tips that will help you to increase energy efficiency:

  • Keep your thermostat a little lower than usual. Just a few degrees cooler will save you money and reduce emissions.
  • Put heavy curtains up in the coldest rooms of your house, to block the cold window from affecting the internal temperature of the room.
  • Have your ductwork inspected for leaks, and seal any leaks that are found.

At Carter Heating & Air, we will install the right furnace for your square footage, ductwork, house floor plan, and budget. With our range of new furnace recommendations, you can decide on the energy efficiency that will work for your family’s needs. We offer heating system maintenance and repairs to keep your furnace well-maintained and running smoothly. Our team of trained technicians will assist you with all of your heating system needs in Raleigh, Carrboro, and surrounding areas. Contact us at 919-772-4456 today.

(Source: Heating, Cooling and Air: Efficiency Matters,, 2014)


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